How Panic Button protects you from unsanctioned access

Panic Button offers the function of a logic bomb that triggers the activation of the application in the event of unsanctioned physical access to the system. 

The activation of Panic Button leads to RAM wiping, the deletion of the files and encrypted file-hosted volumes selected by a user, clearing the information about the recently launched programs, viewed images, open documents and shutdown of the computer. You can adjust Panic Button’s parameters in the application settings.

If a perpetrator got unsanctioned access to your computer, he or she is not aware of the logic bomb in place – a special disguised shortcut (or the keyboard shortcut chosen in the settings) that must be pressed after the boot or unlocking of the system. The access to the information is now opened, and though it seems that nothing spells trouble, the logical bomb timer is already counting down.  

The timer selected in the settings will count down to X – the panic will be triggered, and the perpetrator will be left with nothing. You and the people whose contacts were added in the settings will get an alert notification

To learn about how to set up a logical bomb, go here.

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