How logic bomb works

Panic Button’s logicl bomb sets off the automatic panic activation when certain conditions specified by a user are not met: RAM wiping, the deletion of sensitive data, clearing the information about the recently launched programs, viewed images, open documents – all the valuable information that can be accessed by a perpetrator. 

How does the function work precisely? A perpetrator is not aware that after the computer boot or logging in to the system, he is supposed to activate a special file or press a certain keyboard shortcut to turn off the logic bomb. The name and location of the file is known only by the user who set up the logic bomb. 

The unsuspecting perpetrator boots the user’s computer that has the Panic Button application and logic bomb installed. The logic bomb timer starts its countdown. If in a certain period of time specified in the settings the file is not activated or the keyboard shortcut is not used, the panic will be triggered – all the sensitive information will be deleted, the computer shuts down and the owner will get an alert notification. 

This option can be turned on, set up or turned off in the application settings. With the automatic activation in logic bomb mode, Panic Button deletes files and information according to the main settings of the application.

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